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Silver River in May

My dad and I went on the Silver River to photograph the wildlife on it. Each time we go on it we see something new or something we haven’t seen in a long time, but that is true with almost all areas with wildlife. This time we saw two groups of wild pigs, two sows and her piglets which in total was near fifteen, and the last time we saw the wild pigs was in 2007! We also saw some of the Silver River’s famous Rhesus Monkeys. But probably the most surprising sight of the day was a seven-foot alligator with a large raccoon in its jaws!

With a low shutter-speed you can get a ton of cool looking shots, so I panned with this Wood Duck at a low shutter-speed. If you want to ever see some Wood Ducks in the wild come to the Silver River in May, because on every bend in the river there were ducks and all of them were in full color!

This is one of the wild piglets! You might think that it is weird for it to be pink and I have a theory, and it has scientific backing to it also. Back in the 1500-1600 when the Spanish were exploring the area some of their livestock got loose and that is why we have wild pigs, wild horses, and wild cattle here in Florida. Anyways, I believe that it is pink either from a recessive gene in its DNA from its ancestors, or the sow mated with a domesticated pig some how. Either way it was very cool to see a pink piglet in the wild!

This is the sow of that little pink piglet. This is what a wild pig usually looks like. It has a longer snout, dark fur, and it is slimmer than its domesticated cousin. She was walking around in the water and grazing on the river grass just like a moose would in Maine or Alaska! It was a lot of fun to watch her in her natural habitat at see her behavior without being disturbed by people.

These are the Rhesus Monkeys that call the Silver River their home. They escaped from their enclosure at Silver Springs and now they fill the forests with their calls. They are very interesting and fun to watch and I have seen them almost every time I have gone on the river.

This is that seven-foot alligator that had the raccoon! We saw him dart under the boat and I got a few shots off as he swam by. You can see the striped tail of the raccoon in its jaws!

I filmed a video while I was on the river, here is a link. I hope this information was helpful to you and I would appreciate it if you would follow my blog. I also have a YouTube channel based on survival, and I would appreciate it if you took a look at that too ( Thank you.

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