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Paynes Prairie

My dad and I went to Paynes Prairie State Park to see if the cool weather would bring out some animals, and it did. About halfway up the trail we saw the herd of wild horses that live there. I was able to get pretty close to them, and the horses were fine. We went to the end of the trail and saw a small pool of water where tons of Red-Winged Blackbirds were drinking and singing. There were also some Magpies, Killdeer, Crows, and lots of shore birds that I could not recognize.

When we were heading back we saw this huge alligator waiting at mouth of a drainage pipe where water, and potentially fish, would flow. The gator was waiting there because he was using the pipe to bring fish and other sources of food to him. When we were photographing him I heard a strange call, it was a high pitched, almost squeaky call (Here is a link so you can hear it: I looked around and there was a female Northern Harrier. It has a brown back and a creamy belly. It has long wings and can maneuver through underbrush and foliage with ease.

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