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October Trip Part 1

These are the photos that I took in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine from October 1-7, 2010. These are the photos from when be first touched down in New Hampshire on October 1, 2010 and it was cold and raining. We looked at the bright side and thought that the clouds would look nice with the colors, and we could take macros of the water on the leafs.

After a few hours of shooting hills and leafs we stumbled on a small turkey farm where there was a very friendly and playful cattle dog, which I named Earl. I tried to take some pictures of the turkeys, but there was an electrical fence between us. We then left the turkeys and Earl behind, and just a few miles down the road were a group of wild turkeys! Wild turkeys are very smart, and I learned this through experience, because they will be up a hill and I went up there thinking that they just went down a few feet, and when I got to the top they were one hundred feet into a crab apple patch!After the wild turkeys we saw an old ford truck filled with pumpkins. After we had taken our pictures of the pumpkins we headed to our hotel and rested.

The next morning (October 2, 2010) we found some old barns and my dad was photographing when I heard a weird noise and looked around. Then a few seconds later and I looked up and saw a gaggle of Canadian Geese in the iconic V formation. We had seen some nice churches and were looking for a good angle to shoot from, and of corse we did. We had passed some farms with cows that had very long hair, so we stopped and took some shots so we could ID them. Then my dad brought me to a waterfall where we stayed and took pictures for near ten minutes. When we were going to the car we saw a maple sirup, so we had to buy some. By the time we had finished it was near 6:00 PM so we got some dinner and went back to the hotel.

On October 3, 2010 my dad and I went to an old cemetery to photograph some old masonry work, but ended up shooting a spider web with morning dew. Then we felt very adventurous and went down a real American backroad. It had one foot deep puddles, mud, fatten trees, narrow passes, drop offs, and so much more than I can fit in this! and when We were going down the road we stopped to shoot a tree that was very nicely backlit. A few hundred yards down something caught my eye, a grouse had landed on a branch almost twenty feet from our car, and I tried to point it out to my dad but it was very camouflaged and he could not see it. An hour later we finally got out of there and headed to Peacham, Vermont.

The next day we headed to Maine, and  saw some more wild turkeys.

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