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Eagle Scout Project

For my Eagle Scout Service Project I worked with the Marion County Parks and Natural Resource Manager, Greg Wiley, by making a collection of photos of the animals and activities in the Marion County Park System and restored the Marshall Swamp Trail.

The Marion County Parks did not have photos that represented the animals and activities in the parks. These images that I have taken will be used for years to come to promote the Marion County Parks, and educate visitors.

The two types of photos that were needed were animals and people in the parks. The animals that I photographed are deer, bald eagles, gopher tortoise, turkey, alligators, and many others. The activities that I photographed are tubing, boating, fishing, hiking, and biking.

The photos will be used on brochures, their website, and on their information centers such as visitor centers and bulletin boards. This will help the community by informing and educating the people of what animals and what activities they can see and do in our Marion County Parks.

In addition to Photographing the Marion County Parks I cleaned up the Marshall Swamp Trail. I also installed new signs to mark the trail better.

There was a total of 28 signs put up within two days. Now the Marshall Swamp Trail is cleared of branches and palm fronds, and is marked better.

This project took a total of 229.75 man hours, where 68.25 were mine. I took over 100 photographs, and they are currently being used on the cover of the business plan for the Marion County Parks and Recreation.

  • LaurenOctober 23, 2012 - 5:20 pm

    Hi Max,

    What a wonderful project. I am following up to make sure you received your Eagle Scout letter from us for this outstanding work. We want to congratulate you on your achievement properly so please let me know by email or telephone. I have included my contact information below. Thanks for your time and congratulations again!

    Lauren Saunders
    Personal Assistant- Les Stroud
    (705) 380-5530

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