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A Quick, Easy Trick to Make Your Logo Shots Look Better

A really quick and easy trick with taking some interesting photos of car logos and closeups in general is to use a shallow depth of field and get as close to the subject as you can. If  you put the subject at an angle it will also give it a neat effect. Use a macro lens it will enhance the clarity of the photo as well. If you have a slow shudder-speed make sure to use a tripod because any kind of movement will cause the photo to become blurry. If you do all of that you should get a photo that looks something like this:

If you want to give it a little more emotion then make the photo a little darker, bring up the Blacks and Contrast, also bring the Clarity and Vibrance up a touch. This will give the photo a more serious, and more professional look. If you do this it should look something like this:

After you clean it up you might want to add a vignette to the photo to draw your eye towards the subject. But don’t make the vignette so harsh the it is very noticeable. Also if you did any kind of cropping make sure you use the “Post-Crop Vignetting.” If you do this, your photo should look a little like this:

Now remember all of this is recommended, so don’t be afraid to be creative and do some experimenting. Also all of these tips are for Lightroom 3, it is the program that I use and it is very easy to understand.


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